Knowing Where You Are Just Got Easier

We all know how incredibly frustrating it is for us when we are trying to locate some property as a result of a listing we are interested in. Even more aggravating is, when you finally find the “off the network” property is you can’t find the corners or even get an idea of boundary lines, adjacent land ownership, right of ways and other important information that is relevant in your property searches.

Well as Geographical Information System, GIS, experts we have a solution for our clients when trying to locate these off-the-grid properties. Actually, this solution is a very useful and viable solution for properties where there are data networks available but you would still like to see the same information described above.

By using the free Avenza Map App downloaded to your smart device and opening one of our Avenza readable maps from our website, usually located on the listing information page, you can follow our simple to understand directions to the property and see a graphic representation of the property boundaries and the environs of that property.

How this solution works for you is that our maps are geo-referenced and when you open the map in your smart device app the GPS built into your device ‘talks’ with our map and you will see the location of the device on our proprietary maps, it’s that simple.

To get started you:

1. Merely search for the Avenza app on your smart device, download, and install it.

2. Register it and select what type of plan you would like to subscribe to. The recreational plan is free.

3. Once the app is up and running you will need to load a map to use for navigation. Assuming you are on this page we assume you want to locate one of our listings. So you download one of our maps on your smart device. To locate our geo maps for our listings merely go to the property page for the listing you are interested in and on the right side of the page you will see a U.S. icon labeled maps, right under there you will see a link for ‘GEO Map’ if we have developed one for that particular listing. Download the map to your device, noting where you have downloaded it too, for example, your ‘Downloads’ folder.

4. Open your Avenza app the app icon looks like this.

5. When the app opens it will default to your “My Maps” page. If you haven’t loaded any maps yet you will probably just see a “Getting Started” map. If you want to see the map for the listing you are interested in, and that you already downloaded, you will need to load it. Once loaded it will always show up on this page. To load the downloaded map click on the orange “+” symbol in the lower right of your app screen, here you can select the “Download or import a map” choice and navigate to the location of the map you downloaded, assuming you downloaded it to your device you will “Import Your Own Maps” “From Device Storage”, select the map. Now depending on how many maps you have downloaded you may have to upgrade your subscription.

6. Once the map is loaded you will be able to see your GPS icon on the map provided that you are within the GPS coordinates of the map you downloaded. Obviously these maps can only be created to be within reasonable distances to the subject property and once you arrive at some location on the map you will see the GPS icon on it, like this map.

You should bear in mind that these maps are intended to get you to the property and to give a conceptual perspective of the boundaries and other information depicted on the maps, they are not surveyor maps and do not have survey accuracy. Please see the disclaimers below.